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We not only offer lots of fun at our 18 holes minigolf course, you can find so much more entertainment on-site. Have a look!

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In my case, I wish I knew. I’ve asked that of myself my entire life; well, at least since I dropped out of kindergarten at the age of five. The other two members of the team are more well-adjusted. Neither Lily, my three-legged dog, nor Ally, my genius African Grey parrot seem sore-vexed by existential issues.

So when visiting our humble minigolf complex, you’ll meet a former PGA golf trainer who decided in his old age to downsize from 450 meter-long holes to four-to five meter holes, a far greater chance of experiencing the joy of a hole-in-one. (And having your mates owe you a drink.)

Lily will either be eating or sleeping, a lifestyle you have to envy. Ally will most likely be preening in her “house”, or talking for hours on end in English, Danish, Spanish and unfortunately in German when she switches into what we the uncouth from America refer to as “potty mouth”. I’ll probably be trying to emulate Lily’s lifestyle, though I promise to stay awake and respond.

I should add that all three of our middle names are Hospitality. We’re here to make your minigolf La Herradura experience, as Woody Allen once put it, regarding what I can’t recall, “the most fun you can have with your clothes on."

We look forward to seeing you (with clothes on).

Scott, Lily and Ally​

Temporarily closed
Temporalmente cerrado

Unfortunately we are still closed.

Ongoing health concerns prevent us from opening minigolf.La Herradura.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on WhatsApp (603 416 632) for any further information. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lamentablemente estamos cerrados todavía.

Las problemas de salud desgraciadamente me impide por el momento de volver a abrir minigolf.La Herradura.

Siempre estoy disponible para cualquier pregunta por WhatsApp (603 416 632). Disculpe las molestias.

Nos vemos,

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